Your donation is greatly appreciated. All donations go towards caring for the fosters at Wanda’s Little Rescues, providing veterinary care and supplies.

Several of the Dachshunds at Wanda’s Little Rescues will be staying with us forever because of medical issues or age. Your donation will help ensure that Wanda’s Little Rescues is able to provide the care that these Dachshunds require. Sponsor one of Wanda’s Little Rescues Forever Fosters today, just $25 a month could make a world of difference in our Doxie’s life!

Our Forever and or Medical Fosters:

  • Candy Roo (17 years old Diabetes, Cushings, Low Thyroid, on meds and insulin twice a day)
  • Koko (11 years old Diabetes, Low Thyroid, on meds and insulin twice a day)
  • Missy (9 years old, Diabetic and Cushings, on meds and insulin twice a day)
  • Hunter (11 years old IVDD, on supplements)
  • Lucie (16 years old, Renal failure, on Prescription Food and Sub Q Fluids)
  • Abby (15 years old, She is in Congestive Heart Failure, on 4 meds )
  • Harley (16 years old, has Seizures, Low Thyroid, on 2 meds)
  • Precious ( 11 years old IVDD, Heartworm positive, on eye drops for dry eyes) 
  • Buster ( 16 years old, Cushings, Heart Murmur, Low Thyroid, on 3 meds)

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